Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Salaathul Qas'r (Travel concession in Salaah)

Salaathul Qas’r
(The Travel Concession in Salaah)

In His Infinite Mercy and Compassion, Allah has granted us the above privilege.

 If we are travelling beyond 48 miles (or, 77 kilometres) from our residence, we are allowed to perform just 2 Rakaah’s Far’d in lieu of the usual 4 Rakaah’s of Salaah’s Zuh'r, As'r  and Ishaa.

This concession is not applicable to Salaathul Maghrib.  We perform its three rakaah’s in full.

This concession is valid only for short trips lasting less than 15 days.

We are exempted from Sunnah and Naf’l prayers during the period. However, if we like to offer them and we have the time and the facilities to do so, we can perform them.

Some travelers continue to perform the full complement of rakaah’s in all the Far’d  Salaah’s.  They gladly forego the Qas’r concession. 

Scholarly opinion concludes that their enthusiasm is misplaced. Qas’r is a gift from Allah unto us.  Gifts are to be accepted, and with grace too.  To decline a gift is not good manners. 

And Allah is the Most Generous, the Most Gracious Provider Who wants us to be asking Him for more and yet more of His favors. The treasures at His Command are unencompassed or limited or constricted even by the vast universe. Allah grants bounties beyond measure to those whom He likes.  All praise to Allah.

If for any reason, we are kept from performing the Salaah’s during the travel, and are performing them on returning home, we must still avail the Qas’r concession.