Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to make up for the rakaah's we missed

How do we make up
for the Rakaah’s we have missed?

Whatever the stage at which we entered the Salaah, we must proceed with the rest of the Salaah as the Imam and the other Musalliyeen (worshippers) are doing. 

In the Qaa'yidah of the last rakaah, we recite the Ath’thahiyyath and wait for the Imam to make the first salaam to the right. At this, we do not turn our heads but rise as the Imam goes on to the second salaam. Now we are on our own.  But the reward of Jama’ath has been earned and continues.

                   The rakaah’s we missed are now completed as follows:

If we have joined a rakaah before or during Rukooh, that is our first rakaah. The other rakaah’s missed are now performed.

The rakaah’s where the Qiraath (an additional Surah) is to be recited after Surath al Fa’thiha, are performed first if the Salaah is of 3 or 4 rakaah’s.

As an example, suppose we join the Far’d Salaathul Ishaa in the third rakaah after its Rukooh. That will not be our first rakaah.  We follow the Imam up to the Qaai'yda of the next rakaah, which is the Jama’ath's fourth and our first rakaah. 

Before the Imam concludes the Salaah by the second Salaam, we get up and resume prayer.   As such, we are now in the second rakaah of our Salaah.   Therefore we recite Surath al Fa’thiha and the Qiraath Surah also and go into Rukooh and Saj’dah's and we sit down for Qaai'yda (due in the second rakaah).  After reciting Aththahiyyath (only) we get up and perform the third and fourth rakaah's of our Salaah and conclude it as usual.