Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mak'roohaath, to be avoided in Salaah

to be Avoided in Salaah

These acts are considered undesirable in Salaah:

Touching the crotch area
Having your hands dangling out of the sleeves
Gathering your clothes around you (as for Saj’dah)
Playing with clothes or any part of the body
Cracking the fingers
Turning the neck this way and that
Tousling the hair or passing fingers through them
Stretching yourself
Men having their forearms stretched out in Saj’dah, with their elbows resting on the carpet
Men resting their paunch on the thighs during Saj’dah
Squatting on all fours without a valid justification
Imam standing entirely inside the "Mehraab" (the archway or niche intended for him)
Anyone standing for Salaah away (and separated) from the Jama’ath.  In large congregations, if we are to form part of the Jama’ath, we must be able to see the back of the Imam or (of) any of the rows assembled behind him for Jama’ath in front of us.
Having a portrait or any such thing or a doll or statue in front of us or on the wall or furnishings above our heads.  Failure to remove any such object (that was already there before the Salaah), would be a lapse
Wearing clothes imprinted with pictures of humans, animals, birds and the like.
"Chaadar" or scarf etc. dangling from the shoulders
Performing Salaah repressing intense hunger or the urgency of a call of nature
Being bareheaded in Salaah. Ulemas have recorded that in all his Salaah’s, there was only one instance, when the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) removed his "Amaama" (turban) intentionally and performed Salaah bareheaded.
Closing the eyes during Salaah.