Sunday, 23 October 2011

Joining a Jama'ath in the course of Salaah

Joining a Jama’ath
in the Course of Salaah

Let us suppose that in the Masjid (or wherever Salaah is performed in Jama’ath, (congregation) there is only one person beside the Imam. 

With that person, even if he is a minor, the Jama’ath can commence. He stands to the right of the Imam, a little behind him.

If a designated Imam is present, it is best for all.  In case he is not in, any Muslim who can lead the prayers is welcome. 

If there are three persons gathered, the one who knows the Holy Qur'an best among them, will be the Imam and the other two will stand in a row behind him.  Those who arrive subsequently will join this row.

A second row must not be formed till the first row is complete.

To join a congregation after the Salaah has commenced, we must stand at either end of the last row.  We make the Niy’yath and state the Thakbeir-e-Thah’reemah and Sana'a and then follow the Imam in the Salaah.

We are counted as in, if we join a Rakaah before, or during, its Rukooh. However, if the Imam and congregation are already in Rukooh, we must not rush in to be included.  We must proceed with the Niy’yath, Thakbeir-e-Thah’reemah and Sana'a as above.

If we are able to join the Rukooh before the Imam says SAMI ALLAHU LIMAN HAMIDA, well and good. If not, we must go into the Saj’dah as the others are doing.  This Rakaah will not be counted as our first Rakaah, but the sawaab due to us, for maintaining decorum in the Masjid, will not be curtailed.

There is another school of thought that insists we must join a salaah immediately on entering the masjid, if the jama’ath is in Rukoo.. Even the need for niyyath and other processes may be overlooked as we started from home with the niyyath already