Friday, 28 October 2011

How to perform the Sajdaye Sahoo

How to Perform the Sajdaye Sahoo?

 In the final rakaah of the Salaah (in which any error has occurred) we are seated after making both Saj’dah's.

We recite ATH’TAHIYYATH and turn our head just once to the right and say ASSALAMU ALAIKUM VA RAHMATHULLAH once.
Immediately after this, we make two additional Saj’dah's.

These constitute the Sajdaye Sahoo.
After these we sit back and recite ATH’TAHIYYATH again and the Darood-e-Ibraheem and Du’aas as in every Salaah and make Salaams.

Even if any Far’d (essential) of Salaah is missed unintentionally, the remedy of Sajdaye Sahoo can be availed.

Imam Bukhari conveys the Hadith from Syedinaa Abu Huraira (R.A.A.) that the Shaiy'thaan is terrified by the Aza'n and the Iqamah (Call to Prayer) and runs away.  However, he has the temerity to return and try to confuse the praying person and interfere between him and his heart, making him think of this and that (and spoiling the praying person’s concentration on Salaah).  As a result, the praying person is not sure if he has performed three rakaah’s or four.  The person must then perform the two Saj’dah's of Sahoo.