Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fidiya (or Kaffaraa) for Fasts Missed


Old and terminally ill people if they are affluent have to give Fidiya, the compensation, in charity to the appropriate Muslim, for each and every Fast they are unable to observe.

This provision will be met if they furnish, over an entire day, in substantial quantity, all the meals of an excellent quality, that  a person may need. 

It is the common practice to provide the normal food for Suhoor and Ifthaar, in cash and/or kind, to a Muslim who keeps the fast without fail.

He/she will be fasting on the donor's behalf and also on his/her own behalf.

The fasting person's sawaab unto himself/herself, that is the reward from Allah, will in no way be curtailed.

Most important:

The donor will be rewarded equally, will, insha Allah, be absolved of the sin of not observing the essential duty of Saw'm on all the days for which he/she has donated the Fidiya to the indigent Muslim.