Wednesday, 19 October 2011

From the Prophet S.A.W.S.’s Naf’l Salaah’s

A Selection from the Prophet S.A.W.S.’s Naf’l  Salaah’s

Thahiy’yathul Wudu: Immediately after making the ablutions, Wudu, we perform two Rakaah’s Naf’l as Thahiy’yathul Wudu. This helps to merge our "inward and outward consciousness" into a deep devotion to Allah.  This entitles us to Paradise, according to the Mishk’ath  Hadith.

Thahiy’yathul Masjid: According to the Saheeh Bukhari collection of Hadith, the Holy Prophet S.A.W.S. has advised us that whenever we go to any Masjid (before the usual Far’d prayer or the Juma’a Sermon has begun), we must peform two rakaah’s Naf’l as Thahiy’yathul Masjid.
This prayer is also for Allah.  It is an expression of our esteem for the Masjid. Every Masjid is the House of Allah. It is indeed for Allah that we perform this and every other Salaah.

Salaathul Ishraaq: Half an hour or so after dawn, when the sun has risen to the “Height of a Spear” above the horizon, Salaahul Ish'raaq is performed as Naf’l. It can be of two or four rakaah’s.

Salaathud Duhaa: About three hours after the above, the Salaathud Duhaa  is performed with 2, 4 or 8 Rakaah’s, as Naf’l.  The Mother of Momineen Syedathi Aayesha R.A.A. Radhi Allahu An'haa used to perform this Salaah  regularly.

The Holy Prophet S.A.W.S. has said that whoever makes it his practice to perform this Salaah every day will have all his sins pardoned by Allah, even if they are like "the froth of sea waves".

Salaathul Aw’wabeen: This Naf’l Salaah is performed after Maghrib prayers.  We are informed from Hadith that whoever performs this in six Rakaah’s (three pairs of two Rakaah’s each) and refrains from evil in between, will be blessed with rewards equal to twelve years of devout prayer. We are also informed that if a person performs twenty Rakaah’s instead, in this Salaah, he/she will secure a mansion in Paradise.

Allahu Rabbul Izzat prefers regularity in our Salaah. For those performing Naf’l prayers regularly, the rewards from Allah are bountiful.