Friday, 21 October 2011

The Salaah's we were unfortunate to miss

The Salaah’s
we were unfortunate to miss

It is a great misfortune to miss, intentionally, even a single Salaah. Scholars have cautioned us that if such violations are repeated, they could lead to Kuf'r  (heresy, rejection of Faith). 

May Allah kindly protect all of us from the disaster.  A'meen!

However, if we could not find respite from our duties or we had been overpowered by sleep due to extreme fatigue and could not perform any Far’d Salaah on time, we must perform it at the earliest opportunity we get (on our relief from duty or waking up from sleep, as the case may be).

Once we cultivate sedulously the habit of Salaah, it will become much easier for us to perform Salaah regularly at the appointed timings or at the earliest opportunity later on.

We are never exempted from Salaah.

during travel
or in bed due to ill health
or on battleground
and even on deathbed,

the Far’d Salaah remains an essential duty that every Muslim must perform.

Allah reminds us in the Holy Qur'an  that He is closer to us than our own jugular vein. Every moment of our life, we are dependent totally on Allah's mercy and compassion for our survival and for our sustained progress through life. 

Allah's is the most complete protection, everlasting security. Through Salaah we guarantee ourselves continued access to Allah's Rah’math, Compassion.  We need no other means to achieve triumph anywhere.

If we are able to perform the defaulted Salaahul Faj'r before , we must perform both the Sunnah and Far’d Salaah’s of 2 Rakaah’s each.

For the many Far’d Salaah’s we have unfortunately missed, due to ignorance or any other cause, there is a way to fill the void.  We can perform them any time any day.  The Niy’yath is important.  If we remember the specific Salaah’s we missed, we must state them.

Otherwise, after performing our daily Salaah’s, we must try and perform at least 20 rakaah’s every day towards the missed Salaah’s.

We may make the Niyyaath appropriately.  Allah knows what is in our hearts and in our minds.  Allah is pleased with us when we seek His Approval with all sincerity and earnestness.

These Twenty Rakaah’s are performed in lieu of the defaulted Far’d Salaah’s of a single day of the past:

Faj'r 2 +  Zuh'r 4 + As'r 4 + Maghrib 3 + Ishaa 4 + With'r 3 = Total 20.

We are under obligation to perform them at the earliest.

 These are Far’d. And the last mentioned is Wa’jib. Omission of either Salaah is punishable.

For the missed Sunnah and Naf’l Salaah’s this does not apply.  We may perform them also if we can.  Otherwise, for the defaulted Salaah’s of this category only, we may seek Allah's pardon.