Thursday, 10 November 2011

The timings of Salaah

The Timings of Salaah

The Timings are notified in the Masjid nearest to you.
It is best to abide by them. If they are not available, the guidance is

Faj'r:         From dawn until a little before sunrise.
The time for Salaathul Faj’r arrives when a black thread is easily identified from a white thread in a dark night,
without the help of artificial light.                                                                    
Salaah is not performed when the sun is actually emerging from the horizon.
Salaah can be performed later, when the sun has risen to the height of a spear above the horizon.               

Zuh'r:     When the sun declines from its peak, the meridian, that is, a little after Noon,  (when an object and its shadow are equal in length.  We are allowed to delay this Salaah for a while if the day is too hot and a cooler hour is awaited).

Juma’a: Performed on Fridays only, in lieu of Zuh’r. 
The timing is just a litter later than the time for Zu’r. 
The Salaathul Juma’a is never postponed for any reason.

As'r:          The time for Salaathul As’r  arrives when the shadow of an object is seen to be twice its length. The timing.ends as the sun starts setting.  (We must not pray when the sun is dsappearing behind the horizon).

Maghrib:  Immediately after the actual sunset.
    The timing lasts an hour or so after sunset. 
                   But it is best to pray at the earliest after sunset.

Isha'a:        Follows the above and lasts up to pre-dawn. 
     But it is best to peform this Salaah before midnight.

If we are unable, at any time,
to perform any Salaah at its proper  timing,
we must perform it later, at the earliest. 
We must not miss even a single Salaah.