Thursday, 17 November 2011

How is Thayammum performed

How is Thayammum  Performed?

Niy’yath:  This is Far’d, obligatory.  The intent should be stated: "I am performing Thayammum to remove impurities from my body (or) to perform Salaah”.
Now, place both hands, open and flat, firmly on clean (and dry) earth, raise them and wipe them against one another and then pass them all over your face. 
The full stretch of one’s face (which would have been cleaned in case of Wudu with water) should be wiped over with the clean dry earth sticking to our palms and fingers.
Repeat the process all over and pass both hands firmly one over the other up to and including the elbows.  “Khilaal” the fingers, that is, pass the fingers of one hand through the grooves of the other.
Wipe the face and hands etc. with a clean cloth to remove any mud clinging to them.
There is absolutely no difference between Bath and Wudu and Thayammum in terms of the cleansing results. 
Even if the nonavailability of water and other conditions stated above persist for twenty years, we must continue to perform Thayammum to cleanse ourselves.
Thayammum can be performed even on a stone, whether or not it has a layer of clean mud on it