Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Impurities that render a bath essential

When Is A Full Bath Rendered Essential:

                                           A full bath is called for:

 When a person has discharged semen with or without sexual contact. (Muslims are forbidden from praying or even handling the Holy Qur’an when they are unclean as above).
 When a woman concludes her menstrual or postnatal bleeding.
 On Fridays, a bath is a must for all Muslim men, women and children.
 This is also true of the two festivals, the Eidul Fith’r (1st of Shawwal, end of Fasting) and the Eidul Ad’ha (Baqrid, the 10th of Zul Haj).
 A person embracing Islam also performs a bath prior to declaring  his/her allegiance to Allah and His Rasool Syedina Mohammed S.A.W.S.