Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Accord with the Prophet's tradition in Salaah

Accord With the Holy Prophet S.A.W.S.'s
Tradition in Salaah

If a man has wrapped a robe, shawl or a large sheet of cloth around his torso, he must bring his hands out of the wrap and raise them to ear level for Thakbeir-e-Thah’reemah.

As far as possible, coughing must be avoided or, at least, controlled.

In case of a yawn, we must close the mouth with the back of our right hand.

The eyes must be focussed:

While standing:                 on the spot (on the floor or carpet) where
                                                we will be making the Saj’dah.
In Rukooh:                           at our toes.
In Saj’dah:                           at our nose.
While seated:                      at our lap. 
In Salaam:                           at our shoulders.