Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sajdaye Thilaavath

Sajdaye Thilaavath

(While Reciting the Holy Qur’an)

    These eminent verses in the Holy  Qur'an are marked for "Saj’dah". 

      Surah Number                 Name of the Surah           Verse Nunber

                  7                                            Al Aeraaf                                                     206

                13                                           Ar Raad                                                                15

                16                                           An Nah’l                                                              50

                17                                           Al Is’raa                                                        109

                19                                           Al Mariam                                                           58

                22                                           Al Haj                                                                   18

25                                           Al Furq’an                                                           60

                27                                           Al Nam’l                                                              26

32                                           Al Saj’dah                                                            15

38                                           Sa’ad                                                                     24

41                           Fussilath (Ha’meem al Saj’dah)                   38

53                                           An Naj’m                                                             62

84                                           Al Inshi’qaq                                                        21

96                                           Al Alaq                                                 19

We make the Sajdaye Thilaavath on reciting any of these verses. While reciting the Holy Qur'an, (by ourselves or in Salaah), when we come to the spot where Saj’dah is due, we must perform this Saj’dah first and then proceed with the rest of  the Recitation and/or Salaah.
It would be tantamount to sin if the Saj’daye Thila’vath is not performed when (and where) it is due. The person who hears the recitation, is also obliged to perform the Saj’dah.

Imam Shaafei has recommended that in Chapter 22nd, Al Haj, verse 77  of the Holy Qur’an, also qualifieds for Sajdayae Thilaavath.

During the Salaah in Jama’ath, when the Imam comes to such a stage in reciting from the Holy Qur’an, he says “Allahu Akbar” and goes into this Saj’dah and the congregation also does the same.

The Saj’daye Thila’vath is like the usual Saj’dah and we recite “Sub’haana Rabbiyal Aalaa” three times (and we make the Niy’yath in our hearts that we are peforming the Saj’daye Thila’vath for Allah).

The Saj’daye Thila’vath affords us the unique opportunity every time to deepen and intensify our faith and rededicate ourselves to the Cause of Allah. The prize we are looking for is the most coveted of all: the credentials and the right of passage to the far superior world of ultimate joy and fulfillment, the Jannathul Firdau’s,  the most delightful heaven.

We enter this, the Ultimate Paradise and those whom we loved truly on earth, will be there with us (if the objects of our love had been free of unpardonable sins, such as shir’k).  With them we enjoy the eternal life of unmingled happiness in the Jannathul Firdau’s:

 Where no care or worry intrudes upon our peace of mind, 
 where no rival nor enemy stalks our path,
 where our hearts are washed clean of malice and pettiness,
 where our minds are cleared of all doubts and fears,
 where we are in the Radiant Neighborhood created and pefected by Allah exclusively for His Glorious Saaliheen.

The greatest of honors will be ours when we are chosen by Allah to be in the glorious company of Allah’s Beloved Servants: the Holy Prophet Syedina Mohammed S.A.W.S. S.A.W.S and his peers from Noah to Abraham A.S. to Jesus A.S. and the saints and the blessed martyrs who had sacrificed everything, including their lives on earth, for Allah.

The delights of this eternal life will be so perfect, so glorious and so magnificent that our earth bound imagination cannot even envision them.  All we need do now is to love and worship Allah and be devoted to His Chosen Rasool Syedina Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.