Thursday, 3 November 2011

For our Salaah to be accepted by Allah

For our  Salaah  to be Accepted by Allah

We must be clean in body (and mind); our clothes also clean.
Sath'r:  Males must cover their body from the navel down to a little under the knees. Females must be fully clothed with only the face, the two hands and the two feet left uncovered.
The place on which we stand or sit down to pray, must be clean. 
Salaah, as such, is forbidden in slaughter houses, graveyards, cremation grounds, funeral homes and similar places. With such exceptions, we are allowed to perform Salaah anywhere. Allah has told us, the entire Earth has been made the prayer ground for us.
The timing of the Salaah must be valid, as stated earlier.  We do not pray during sunrise, noon and sunset.
We must face the Qiblah, the Holy Ka’abah in Makkathul Mukarramah in Saudi Arabia.  If we are in a place where we are unable to locate its direction, we can pray in any direction and our Salaah will be accepted.  Our Niy’yath must be genuine that we are facing the Qiblah.
The Niy’yath must be clearly stated, in our hearts.
Thakbeir-e-Thahreema: We commence each Salaah, reciting ALLAHU AKBAR.
We stand up and commence Salaah. 
The handicapped and the very old can pray seated, and make Saj’dah's on a table in front.
The bedridden can pray as they are. Even with gestures, those who are in a dire state can pray to Allah.
Qira’ath:  After Surath al Fa’thiha, a short Surah from the Holy Qur'an is recited, generally from  its concluding Chapter.
Rukooh:  Bowing to Allah as above.
Saj’dah: Prostration, the best way, known to humanity, of showing our love of Allah.
"Islam" means surrender, total submission to Allah's Will.
Qa'ada Akheera: Being seated in the last rakaah after the Saj’dah's.
Conclusion:  We must complete the Salaah in total devotion to Allah, in the consciousness of a duty well done.
If we forget to observe any of the above preconditions, we have to perform the Salaah  all over again.
We must be alert and guard against all lapses. We must not relent in our concentration and in our devotion to Allah.