Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Muslim Mission is to be a blessing from Allah to all Humanity

Most of the people who are alive and active on our planet today, have known the ravages of war and the trauma that conflicts cause to human beings everywhere. Two of the deadliest world wars were fought within the last century. Whole cities were razed to the ground, millions of innocent human beings perished and millions more were uprooted from their lands.

Torn apart from their near ones and consigned to makeshift camps, quite a few millions are still enduring the shame and indignity of the genocide launched on them.

All tragedies lead to soul searching and even the maniac perpetrators of violence are, in due course, transformed and ennobled by the parting kicks of war: famine and pollution and internecine strife that people live through. Not a day passes when we are not confronted with the ghastly wounds they have inflicted on the war dead and the war ruined.

A new form of civil strife and depredation is now in vogue. Terrorism! No one knows from where it came and whose purpose it serves. It has no solutions for the persistent problems that beset every nation. All it does is to inflict eternal suffering on all humanity!

Terror is in, they say.  But nothing is done to uproot it or even to identify its real perpetrators. The real hunt is for scapegoats. And Muslims come in handy as the “usual suspects” because theirs is the least effective presence in world media.  Their leaders appear to have forgotten the duty the Holy Prophet had entrusted to them: “Defend Islam against the disinformation spread against it!”

No sign of timely guidance or effective leadership has come from them in the past three decades of turmoil in world history. And good people everywhere are shamed by the canard that Muslims are terrorists.  Their constant prayer to God is to save them from such disaster!

With so much hate and conflict around the world, Muslims delve deep into their soul and find the courage to maintain mental equanimity and keep from despair. They seek from Allah the strength to go on with their lives and  remain focused on progress and positive aims. Again and again, they remind themselves the true purpose of human life on earth is:

  • To lead righteous lives,
  • Learn and practice self discipline and
  • Earn the Approval and Love of Allah and His Messenger Syedina Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi va Sallam.

With a poet, who shares their angst, they pray to their Creator in the right words: “We are the downtrodden, the disgraced and the humiliated on earth, Whatever we are (Grant us Mercy, Our Lord!) we are the people of Your Beloved Messenger Muhammed!)”

They  are indeed the political orphans of the time. Abandoned by those who have the means to transform our lot, we are fumbling for the right lead.  Thus far, yes, but no more!

With the eclipse of Osama bin Ladin, they feel the younger, better educated generation must come forward and assume control.  They feel no Muslim can go against the Commands of Allah. To remember them from the Holy Qur’an and honor them. They are the unambiguous terms by which they live and survive – in spite of all odds!         

No real Muslim can feign indifference to His Creator’s Verdict: “If anyone kills a human being without any cause or to spread mischief in the land, it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life it is as though he has saved the life of all mankind.” (The Holy Quran Surah: 5th: Al Maayidah: verse 32)

            “Do not kill any soul that Allah has made sacred (Surah 6th: Al An’aam: verse 151)

             Muslims (whose holy book is the Qur’an, share with Jews (whose Holy Book is the Torah) and Christians (whose Holy Book is the Bible) the honor of being the “People of the Book”. 

            All of us realize we are answerable, ultimately, to the Supreme Lord of the Universe, Who created us and sustains us every moment of our life. On the Day of Judgment, He will be the Sole Arbiter of the destiny of all mankind. Allah Alone will evaluate our life record and decide whether to grant us Heaven or send us to Hell.

 Syedina Muhammed is truly the most loved, honored and exalted person in our lives, whom we value far above our parents, our spouse, our families and our friends and associates. He was truly the greatest and the most compassionate human being in all history. Among the tributes paid to him:

             “He was Caesar without the legions of Caesar: without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue; if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by the right divine, it was Mohammed, for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports.” (Bosworth Smith, MOHAMMAD AND MOHAMMADANISM by , London, 1874, p. 92).

            And Michael H. Hart, in his monumental book, 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History (published in New York , in 1978): says: “He was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level”

His life record (Uswathul Hus’naa) is a chronicle, most authentic and inviolable, of absolute mercy and compassion that every Muslim is duty bound to follow.
           Would anyone pledging allegiance to such a magnificent and most merciful leader raise his/her hand against helpless women and children? Or kill the old and infirm who have no means of defence against any onslaught?

 Islam is a faith that exemplifies pardon and forbearance and bans all forms of violence and vengeance.  Even revenge killings by individuals are banned.

            The glory of Islam is first, the Command that we worship none other than Allah nor equate anyone with Allah. And the very next Command is that we must not kill or maim any human being.

Islam considers murder a crime not only against humanity but also against Allah. No assassin or terrorist who kills innocent people will ever go to heaven, unless he or she opts to undergo the punishment specified and also compensates fully the family of the bereaved.

Such commandments are in the Holy books of Jews and Christians also. Other great religions are also guided by like principles and values. And on the Day of Judgment each person will really be on his/her own and everyone will be judged and awarded Paradise or Perdition according to his/her life record on earth. May Allah guide all of us to the right path.

Today almost everyone on our planet is vying with others to secure for his/her faith the goodwill, liking and adoration of others and takes pride in the success achieved.

Muslims are second to none in their zeal to be true to their Faith and earn for it universal goodwill and approval. It is unbelievable that any Muslim who loves his Creator Allah, his Leader Syedina Muhammed and his Faith, Islam, that is dearest to his soul and to his  being,  would even think of debasing all these sacred attainments and gloat over acts of violence and terror perpetrated on innocent people?
 Terrorism is alien to Islam. Nothing can sanctify it. Nothing can shield a terrorist from the wrath of Allah. Allah has set the irrevocable hour of punishment for all those, Muslims and others, who enjoy the senseless and wanton killing of helpless human beings, young, old and children.

Islam is the Religion of Mercy and Compassion. Those who wish to remain ignorant of its Grandeur and deny mercy to their fellow beings have no right to expect any reward or mercy from Allah.

Muslims of every race and complexion are fully aware of the exalted rank Allah Himself has conferred on us as human beings. We are the Vice Regents of Allah on earth. Every moment of our lives we strive sincerely to live up to this responsibility, this trust and honor that Our Maker has conferred on us.

The truth of the times is this: Muslims can never be terrorists. We have lived through centuries of unmerited suspicion and years of living as the disadvantaged of the earth.  Allah has granted us the neymath, the blessing of sab’r,  patience, and the strength and resilience to brave misfortune and overcome it with help from Our Creator.  All we need do is to remain grateful to Him all our lives.  And emerge serene and unharmed from every ordeal.  Our faith and our mental balance shall ever remain unsullied.        

Allah protects us every moment of our lives with legions of unseen guardians everywhere. This assurance from the Holy Qur’an, is the guarantee from Our Lord that grants us the courage to go on with life. And be undeterred by doubts and neurosis. We fear Allah most and keep away from acts that earn His Wrath.

History is witness that those who start killing innocent people of any age or clime lose Allah’s support and end up as tragic failures in life. Theirs is not the example we admire. We just ignore them and leave them to Allah.
Allah Knows Best and Allah is Enough for Us.  
We are not a curse but a blessing to humanity.