Monday, 12 December 2011

The Practicing Muslim: The E-Book


    2.         Islam, a Blessing
    4.         The Purpose of Creation
    6.         The Holy Qur’an: Allah's magnificent bequest to humanity                                                        
    7.         Sajdaye Thilaavath
    8.         The Hadith

    12.      Cleanliness Immaculate
    17.      Ablution (Wudu)
    24.     Azaan, the Call to Prayer                                           
    25.     The Timely Performance of Salaah                          
    27.     Salaah is of Four Classifications               
    30.     Niy’yath, the Declaration  of Intent                          
    31.     The Niy'yath in Arabi             
    34.     Accord With the Prophet’s Tradition in Salaah                      
    35.     Wa’jibaath, the Second Essentials of Salaah                         
    37.     Mak'roohaath, to be Avoided in Salaah                       
    40.     Salaathul With’r                                                                            
    44.     Joining a Jama’ath in the Course of Salaah            
    47.     Naf’l Salaah’s (Optional Prayers)                                               
    51.     Salaah Lai’ylathul Israa val Meiraaj                              
    56.     Saiyidil Asthagh’far                                                       
    57.     Aethikaf  (Retreat in Masjid)                      
    60.     Thakabir al Eidaiyn
    61.     Salaathul Eiday’n:          
    62.     We Pray for the Departed 

    Zakaah, Philanthropy
    66.     Fidiya (or Kaffaraa) for Fasts Missed         
    Haj:  Pilgrimage:
    Hayath Islami,  Islami Living
    69.     The Hijri Calendar

    Hidayah , Inspiration
    76.     Invocations to Allah for All Occasions: